Haileo Tech was established to bench mark process excellence in various areas of Business and Technology Consulting.


Our ERP software provides a broad range of features and functions that improve all facets of financial planning, management, control and analysis. With this software, businesses can increase productivity, while enhancing financial performance management and strategic financial planning.

  • Inventory Management
  • Account Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Production Management
  • Order Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management

Modules are customizable as per institutional requirements Scale up / Scale down features for various sized institutions

Healthcare - HMS

Health care system is the organization with service providers, Health service companies, Health information and resources that deliver health services to meet the health needs of target populations.Our systems use a unique combination of state-of-the art machine learning algorithms and contemporary big data technologies to complement our intimate understanding of the RTB ecosystem inner-workings, in order to forecast, a/b test and monetize traffic in a way that guarantees each of your impressions always gets the highest bid.

  • Doctor, Hospital Online Appointments
  • Payment Gateway
  • Check In Details
  • Check Out Details
  • Lab
  • Pharmacy
  • Room Allocations
  • Reports Generation
  • Surgry Allots


E-commerce (electronic commerce or EC) is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the Internet. These business transactions occur either business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-business.

  • The Haileo Tech provides a contextual e-commerce engine that integrates the content of documents created by authors with data on products/services and presents the integrated information to users for goal-oriented interaction. The invention is useful in e-commerce, in particular the Internet
  • Easy to use ecommerce store builder
  • Fully customizable store design
  • Secure shopping cart provided

Campus IMS

Campus IMS is a simple yet powerful one point integrated platform that connects all the departments of an institution namely office, fee counter, library, hostel, stores, academics, activity centre and so on. It is a well-planned platform that offers endless features to all users to organize, interact, express, create, search, seek, store, cultivate and communicate.

  • Student Admission Management
  • Multi-Level Inventory Management Module
  • Fee Management Module
  • Library Management Module
  • Student Attendance System
  • Teacher Management Module
  • Timetable Generation System
  • Report Card Generation System
  • Student Management Module

Campus IMS is an end-to-end education institution management solution developed for managing the day to day education institute's operations.


Retail BMS is an user friendly, fully automated and ready-to-use web-based application for Retail Business. Retail BMS enables small and medium retail business segments to leverage on its capabilities to track Sales, Inventory, Vendor/Distributor and Customer Information Management. Retail BMS is a highly scalable and flexible solution which can cater to a single independent store as well as for chain of stores.

  • End-to-End Inventory Tracking
  • Automatic Backorder Management
  • Complete customer tracking
  • Track payments and purchases
  • Scan and Print barcodes

Retail BMS is designed to cater information security, sales and audit requirements, which will save time and money by automating the manual function at an effective cost model. Its express deployment is aligned to help customers to shorten the Go-To Market (Ready to Serve Customer) Strategy. Retail BMS also offers sophisticated barcode scanner and printing functionality to enable small & medium retail business go eWay.

Core Banking

Adaptability to either Core banking, which centralizes the operation of many branches or a Networked solution operating in a single branch Modules are customizable as per organizational requirements Scale up / Scale down features for various sized organization

  • Membership Management
  • Loan Management
  • Account Management
  • Deposit Management
  • Share Management
  • HR and Payroll Management
  • Locker and other modules

Banking Software is a comprehensive product for Co-operative Banks which is composed with an excellent coverage of the banking process inside and out.


PMS offers simple, reliable and affordable payroll solutions for all types of companies. PMS leverages the benefits of human capital management and addresses the full spectrum of your payroll needs in the organization by providing calculation tools, automatic tax updates, audit & reporting. Administrating the employees salaries is not an easy task, the HR and accounts department work together to calculate and disburse the salary to the employees.

  • Designation & Department Master
  • PT, ESI, PF, Gratuity & Taxation
  • Account Management
  • Employee Verifications
  • Leave & Attendance Management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Attendance with Device Integration

Modules are customizable as per institutional requirements Scale up / Scale down features for various sized institutions